RWBY: Combat Ready – Team JNPR Expansion

Team JNPR has entered the fray! Introducing four unique Huntsmen to battle alongside team RWBY against the forces of Grimm. Play as honorable Lie Ren, dependable Jaune, feisty Nora, and the legendary Pyrrha – or mix-and-match Huntsmen from the base game to craft your perfect team.

Earn experience to customize your Huntsmen’s abilities between scenarios and prepare for the formidable challenges ahead!

Requires RWBY: Combat Ready to play

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2-5 Players
60 Minutes
Ages 14+

Battles are fought in a series of duels against a particular villain, with objectives, and sometimes special rules. No two battles are ever the same! During each duel, one player is the Active Player fighting the villain, with the action focused on that player.

The Active Player chooses and plays an attack from their hand. The player has a hint of what the Villain is going to do based on the stance shown on the Villain’s card –Subtle cards tend to have lower Speed, Balanced cards are mid-ranged, and Aggressive cards have higher Speed attacks!

After the Active Player chooses a card each of the other players will choose their actions. The other players can support the Active Player, by performing powerful combos against the Villain, or by assisting the Active Player with special abilities.

Alternatively, the other players can tackle some of the scenario objectives –like attacking the Grimm, taking out snipers, or finding Zwei! Teamwork is necessary! Players will collaborate while making these choices and work together to defeat the Villain!

After all players have decided upon their course of action, the villain’s card is revealed and the attack is resolved. Each attack has a speed in its upper left corner. The two attacks’ speed values are compared, with the faster attack hitting and inflicting its damage on the opposing character. If the speeds are tied, the round ends in a draw.

The Duel continues with the Active Player fighting head-to-head against the Villain, until the duel is ended by the Villain reaching the end of the Fury track, the Active Player running out of cards, or until one of the combatants is bashed!

Base Game

Other Expansions

  • 4 Character decks, 36 cards each
  • 4 Plastic Miniatures
  • 4 Semblance Markers
  • 4 Character Scrolls
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