Doubt is in the air!

How much can you tell about a person from their clothes or moods? Is it possible to work out their occupation or secret by what they have in their bag? That’s what you’ll have to do. Answer five questions and listen carefully to what others have to say about themselves. Try to guess who’s who and become the shrewdest detective ever!


NOTE: This listing ships from the USA
3-6 Players
30 Minutes
Ages 14+

Dubious is a game of deduction in which each player creates a story for their character and tries to get the majority of the players to guess their occupation and secret. At the same time, each player has to listen carefully to what others have to say about themselves and prove their detective finesse.

Select from one of 3 settings at the start of the game: Modern, Fantasy or Victorian England

Pick your Occupation and your secret and tell your story!

Each round a question will be asked and each player will have a chance to answer the question about themselves. It’s important to make sure to give enough information so that most players will guess correctly in the end, but be careful if everyone gets it right you get nothing! Hopefully you can trick at least one person.

  • 111 Cards
  • 18 Reference Cards
  • 6 Screens
  • 6 Pencils
  • 12 Paper Clips
  • 1 Sheet Pad
  • 1 Rulebook
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