Mortum: Medieval Detective

Only you and the choices you make decide how the events will unfold in the end. Tread carefully, and welcome to Mortum!

Mortum: Medieval Detective is a game of deduction and adventures that takes place in a grim world shaped in the image of medieval Europe, with its legends, superstitions and fears coming to life. Take on the roles of secret organization agents and investigate mysterious and thrilling events.


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1-6 Players
120-180 Minutes
Ages 14+


You will solve mysteries and encounter fascinating characters in the course of three exciting scenarios, all part of a single storyline. Each case requires up to three hours to play.

You are free to explore the world of Mortum in any way you like, depending on which agents you chose. Put objects under surveillance or send agents to secretly search or interact with them in many other ways. Gather information by interrogating suspects or talking to them. Choose your own way to advance through the game, either using the “kick in the door” approach or by being stealthy and discrete, trying to avoid unwanted attention.

  • Case 1: The Informant
  • Case 2: The Mysterious Place
  • Case 3: The Encounter
  • 1 Greeting Card
  • Various Tokens
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