Critters At War: Flies, Lies & Supplies


Gather your forces and face off in the air, land, and sea! Outsmart and outplay your opponent to claim your victory! It won’t be easy, but it will be glorious!!!

In the midst of the greatest conflict the CRITTERS have ever known, victory will be claimed by the ones that can overcome their enemies in every battleground, even those that may be less conventional.

Do you have the skills needed to manage your Flies, Lies, and Supplies?

Flies, Lies, & Supplies is the re-skinned sequel to the critically acclaimed original, Air, Land, & Sea in the Critters At War themed version. This box contains everything new players need to get started, or can be combined with the original game to unlock new match-ups and game modes.

*Does not require the original Critters At War game to play


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2 Players
20 Minutes
Ages 14+

Supreme Commander! The enemy is upon us and it is up to you strategically deploy our available forces into the Air, Land, and Sea. Engage the opposing force and lead our forces to victory!

As Supreme Commander of your country’s military forces, it is your objective to win the war by being victorious in a series of Battles! To win a Battle, you must either control two of the three Theaters of war after both players have played all of their Battle cards, or convince your opponent to withdraw!

To control a Theater, the total strength of all Battle cards on your side of the Theater must exceed the total Strength of the Battle cards on the opponent’s side of the Theater.

At the start of each battle, you will be dealt a hand of six cards. You will not draw additional cards during the Battle, so you must formulate your strategy based on only these cards. Players take turns playing Battle cards one at a time, until all cards have been played, or one player decides to withdraw.

The order you play your Battle cards is critical, and so is how you play them. All cards can either be played face-up or face-down. Playing a card face-up triggers its Tactical Ability, but the card must be played in its corresponding theater. Face-down cards are wild and can be played to any theater, but only have a strength of 2 and do not grant Tactical Abilities.

You do not have to continue a Battle to the very end. Sometimes, it may be best to withdraw in order to deny your opponent complete victory! In CAW: Flies, Lies & Supplies, a strategic withdraw may lose you the battle to ultimately win the war! Victory points are awarded at the end of each Battle based on the results, and the first player to 12 victory points wins the war!

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    • 3 Theater Boards
      • 1 Intelligence
      • 1 Diplomacy
      • 1 Economics
    • 18 Battle Cards
      • 6 Intelligence (Spies)
      • 6 Diplomacy (Lies)
      • 6 Economics (Supplies)
    • 2 Supreme Commander Cards
      • 1 First Player
      • 1 Second Player
    • 2 Epic Mode Commander Cards
      • 1 First Player
      • 1 Second Player
    • 14 Score Markers
      • 2 Gold Sixes
      • 6 Silver Threes
      • 6 Bronze Ones
    • 14 Supply Tokens
    • 1 Rulebook
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