Vegetable Stock


Grow your vegetables, manipulate the market, and make a fortune in Vegetable Stock! But beware, the market could crash at any moment!

First debuted as Small Farmer, is a card game about vegetable economics now featuring all new artwork and part of the Dice Tower Essentials line.

Each card has three vegetable icons on it, with vegetables coming in five types. Players take turns choosing one of the cards and placing it in their harvest pile face down. The price of the vegetable(s) on the card not chosen goes up — but if the price goes too high, it crashes, although it can rise again next round. After six rounds, determine your score by multiplying the number of each vegetable you have harvested by the final price of that vegetable. The player with the highest score wins!


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2-6 Players
10-15 Minutes
Ages 10+

Place a number of Vegetable Cards face up in the middle of the play area equal to the number of players plus 1. For example, in a 4 player game, reveal 5 Vegetable Cards.

Players take turns selecting one Vegetable Card from the middle of the table and placing it in front of them, starting with the First Player and going clockwise. These represent the shares of Vegetable stocks you have invested in.

Once everyone has taken one card, there will be one card remaining which will be determine which vegetables increase in
value. For each vegetable on this card, move its Market card up by one level on the Price card once for each time the vegetable appears on the card.  If it reaches the top level and needs to move again, move it all the way to the bottom level instead. (The market crashed! Sorry about that!)

Start a new round by revealing new cards from the Vegetable Deck and rotating the First Player to the next person clockwise.

  • 5 Market Cards
  • 5 Price Cards
  • 45 Vegetable Cards
  • 1 Good Weather Card
  • 1 Typhoon Card
  • 1 Rulebook
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