Foundations of Rome – Gardens of Ceres Expansion

As Rome’s foundations form, the goddess Ceres weeps for the destruction of nature. In her wisdom, she has guided her followers to erect lavish gardens to bring balance to the budding city. The goddess may even elect to tamper further with the city’s construction, should she see wisdom in it… But the city must grow, and you must enact our king’s will, even if it means building around these gardens.

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1 Players
45-60 Minutes
Ages 14+

Designed by famed designer David Turczi this expansion allows you to play Foundations of Rome solo against an AI opponent!

You play your turn as normal using the core rules of Foundations of Rome. The only change is during the player’s Buy a Deed action: some cards will have Silver placed on them by Ceres’ Bribe action. The price of a Deed card is the value printed above it on the board, plus the Silver on the card itself. The Silver on the card is returned to the bank when you (or Ceres) purchase the Deed. When shifting Deed cards on the “for sale” area, shift their Silver as well.

Ceres’s followers will build 6 different types of gardens on the board:

  • Residential – Adding to Ceres’ Population
  • Commercial – Adding to both Ceres’ Bribe action and 1 VP to scoring
  • Civic (Residential) – Gaining Ceres 2 VP per your adjacent Residential buildings
  • Civic (Commercial) – Gaining Ceres 2 VP per your adjacent Commercial buildings
  • Civic (Civic) – Gaining Ceres 2 VP per your adjacent Civic buildings
  • Civic (Any Building) – Gaining Ceres 2 VP per your adjacent buildings of any type


Increase difficulty: Challenge Mode!

Flip all six of Ceres’ Deed cards (dealt at the start of the game) and place Garden tiles on each of the revealed Lots.

Ceres’ Civic Garden tiles now reward 3 Victory Points per your adjacent Buildings.

Garden tiles with two Population / Silver icons (one large, one small) count as 2, just like Hard difficulty mode.

Commercial Garden tiles with 2 Silver icons score 2 Victory Points for Ceres’ Commercial Building scoring (instead of 1 Victory Point).

If her Claim a Deed action fails, Ceres gains 2 Victory Ponts (instead of 1 Victory Point).

Base Game



Senator to Emperor Upgrade Pack

  • 1 Bag to hold Garden Tiles
  • 1 Solo Player Aid
  • 18 Ceres Action Cards
  • 32 Garden Tiles
  • 1 Rulebook
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