Roads of Fortune (Foundations of Rome Expansion)

Cunning Architects need to be mindful of more than just what’s within the boundaries of Rome, but what lies beyond them as well. The edges of the city, previously considered by your fellow Architects to be the least valuable real estate, are now connected to the outside world. Traveling merchants, diplomats, philosophers, soldiers, and vagabonds approach the gates, eager to exchange their knowledge and services! Control of Rome’s borders means control of untold riches entering the city.

Requires Base Game: Foundations of Rome to play.

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1-5 Players
60-90 Minutes
Ages 14+

In Roads of Fortune, players are rewarded for maintaining majority control over the edges of the play area by unlocking powerful new abilities on a variable set of Road boards. As the capstone expansion to the Foundations of Rome experience, the Roads are compatible with any combination of existing modules, including the Gardens of Ceres solo challenge. Roads of Fortune also features a number of quality life improvements, such as component tray upgrades and new player aids.

  • 8 Road Boards
  • 10 Milestone Markers (2/ Player)
  • 11 Population Tokens
  • 10 Favor Tokens
  • 19 Alternate Monument Cards
  • 5 Monument Reference Card – (please note that this printing is missing 4 of these – we will be shipping the missing cards to everyone who orders at a later date)
  • 4 Gardens of Ceres Road Boards
  • 1 Monument Tray Sticker Sheet
  • 1 pack of Errata Cards for 1st Edition Base Game (12 Cards)
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