Picture Perfect: Sherlock Expansion

Someone has been murdered at the party, and Sherlock Holmes is on the case.

The murderer could be anyone – even the dog!

Will you use the information you gain from the guests to help Sherlock with his investigation, or to help the murderer escape?

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*Requires base game: Picture Perfect

**5-6 Player components require: Picture Perfect: 5-6 Player Expansion

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2-6 Players
45 Minutes
Ages 10+

One of the guests is the murderer. Try and find out who it is, and either help them escape or help Watson and Holmes to catch them! By looking in guest envelopes you can find out who has an alibi. The only guest without an alibi (the face down card in the middle) is the murderer. Chances are, at the end of the game you won‘t be 100% sure who it is. But that‘s ok – you don‘t have to identify the killer. But you can position your guests in the photo in order to get the most points possible based on what
you do know.
You can score points for positioning the murderer according to their preferences, as well as Watson and Holmes. If the murderer‘s preferences go particularly well together it may even be worthwhile for you to put Watson and Holmes on the completely wrong track and only help the murderer!

There is an alibi card in every envelope. If it shows a guest, it means the guest pictured has an alibi. (The guest in whose envelope the card is found confirms the alibi.) When you see an alibi card, put an X in this guest‘s box on your alibi sheet. Guest‘s with an X have a confirmed alibi, and are not the murderer. You can also confirm guest‘s alibis without actually seeing their alibi card. For example, you may learn that another player has confirmed the alibi of a guest (and so you may rule them out as well).

Players may never lie about whether or not they have confirmed an alibi. It is also forbidden to use the alibi sheets to make any notes about the guests preferences. Players may, however, make a note when they discover another player has NOT yet confirmed an alibi. This is very valuable information!

– Irene Adler –
Decide at the beginning of the game whether or not to play with Irene. Irene can also be used in the normal game (without
the murderer), or be combined with one of the other expansions. Irene is placed like a normal guest figure (may be placed at any time and is not required to be placed at all). Irene counts as female for preferences.

Do not use the Irene envelope. Irene has no preference cards, instead she scores 5 points for each VIP (guest with at least 1 VIP card in their envelope) that she is standing next to. In addition, VIPs standing next to her give score a minimum of 0 points (may not score negative points).

  • 21 alibi cards
  • 1 alibi pad
  • 6 sets of 3 figures with stands
  • 3 envelopes
  • 13 preference cards
  • 7 exchange cards
  • 8 reference cards
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