Mage Wars Arena: Conquest of Kumanjaro

A Beastmaster and a Priest enter the Arena!

Far to the south, the Johktari tribes of Kumanjaro have thrived for hundreds of years, not just a warlike tribe, but a thriving nation with their own Mages trained in the ways of Nature Magic. Now the peace of a century has turned to conflict as the forces of Westlock carve out their own territories for the good of the crown and the glory of Asyra.

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2 Players
60-90 Minutes
Ages 14+

Players can wage their own matches as a Priest of the Order of Malakai, or as a Beastmaster of the Johktari, using new ability cards for each, and a trove of new spells from all the spell schools.

The Johktari Beastmaster is a fierce and proud hunter, defending her people’s lands against invaders. She is an experienced huntress. She will mark and relentlessly pursue wounded prey, working with her animals to finish it off.

The Priest of Malakai is a crusader against non-believers. He seeks justice and relentlessly pursues enemies with Holy retribution. Note that the Priest counts as a “Priestess”, and can use spells which say “Priestess Only”. The Priest is blessed with the burning light of Malakai, and his basic melee attack deals light damage. Once per round, if the Priest attacks and damages an enemy creature with any attack which deals light damage, he may pay 1 mana to place a Burn condition marker on that creature.

  • 2 Alternate Mages: Priest and Beastmaster
  • 2 Mage Cards & 2 Mage Ability Cards
  • 106 Spell Cards
  • 22 Markers with new conditions!
  • Rulebook
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