Mage Wars Arena: Battlegrounds Domination

Mages normally settle their differences in the arena.

This time-honored tradition of Mage-on-Mage combat has stood for hundreds of years. However, with the discovery of the V’Torrak, many conflicts now occur outside of the arena. Mages actively search for the mysterious V’Tar Orbs, and conflict has spilled out into the world of Etheria itself.

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2-4 Players
90+ Minutes
Ages 14+

Battlegrounds uses modular tiles that allow you to create your own customized battle arena! Tiles have special abilities and terrain effects that add exciting new tactics and strategy to the game. Challenge yourself and your friends with hundreds of possible arena designs with variable sizes, shapes, and obstacles, including larger 4 player maps.

Included are 20 tiles which can be arranged in nearly any combination. Each tile is a zone in the arena. Of those tiles, 9 are “special tiles” that have special abilities that you can use during a game. You could use these tiles to build a standard 3 by 4 arena, like the one in the Mage Wars® Arena Core Set, but they can also be arranged in many other ways to create many different arenas. To provide inspiration, a number of Battlegrounds arena designs are included in the rulebook.

  • 116 Spell Cards
  • 20 Modular Tiles
  • 1 Sheet of Markers
  • 1 Rulebook
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