Aquatica: Coral Reefs


Immerse yourself in the magical world of Aquatica and embark on a journey through the Coral Reefs!

New puzzles and captivating adventures lurk around every bend. Here you’ll meet new underwater creatures, the Southern Tribes, and immerse yourself in their rich culture. New goals will provide even more strategies. And an encounter with the Manta Rays could even turn the rules of this game upside down!


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1-5 Players
30-60 Minutes
Ages 14+



Coral Reefs perfectly complements the base game Aquatica and seamlessly integrates with the Cold Waters expansion, while introducing new coral reef miniatures. Dive into the exciting world of underwater adventures and create unforgettable moments with friends and family!

This expansion contains several modules for the game Aquatica designed to make your gameplay even more immersive:

  • The “Turn Order Mantas Module” changes the rules for the start and end of the game. This module can be used with the base game and with both expansions.
  • The main “Coral Reefs Module” can be used with the base game as well as with the Cold Waters expansion. It introduces Reefs and Corals, along with new Characters and gameplay mechanics associated with them.
  • The “Southern Tribes Module” can be used in conjunction with the Cold Waters expansion or, if you don’t have that expansion, as a standalone game module that can be played following the Cold Waters rules.
  • The “New Goals Module” includes additional goals for gameplay based on the base rules, using the Coral Reefs module.
  • 5 Medusa Arcadio Starting Character Cards
  • 5 Trained Mantas
  • 5 Turn Order Mantas
  • 1 Double-sided Game Board
  • 22 New Ocean Character Cards
  • 30 Reef Tokens
  • 70 Coral Miniatures
  • 8 New Tribe Cards
  • 5 New Goal Tokens
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