A strategic game of strength and balance

You are a Senshi, a warrior-monk studying diligently at the temple under the tutelage of the current master. You and your fellow students train vigorously every day to improve your mind and body, but your master is ailing, and only one Senshi will become the next master. To prove your worth, you must develop four attributes: Strength, Agility, Wisdom, and Honor. A true master must be strong in all of these, and weak in none.

Senshi is a strategy game for 2-4 players that takes only 15 minutes to play! Carefully manipulate stacks of tiles that represent your four attributes: Strength, Agility, Wisdom, and Honor. Compete in a battle of wits to become the next master of your temple. Watch your opponent’s moves closely and exploit their weaknesses to achieve the great honor of becoming the temple’s next master!

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2-4 Players
15 minutes
Playing Time
Suggested Age

“Since getting a hold of a copy of Senshi, we’ve played it almost more than any other game. It’s just the right amount of easy to play and strategy, making the game very enjoyable.” Dave Banks · GeekDad.com

What's in the box?

Senshi Box Contents
  • 4 Training Cards
  • 72 Attribute Tiles:
  • 18 Red Strength Tiles
  • 18 Green Agility Tiles
  • 18 Yellow Honor Tiles
  • 18 Blue Wisdom Tiles
  • 1 Rulebook

Each player in Senshi takes the role of a warrior-monk studying and training for the tests that will take place to determine the temple’s next master. Each player takes one of the Training Cards and places it in front of them.

On your turn, you must choose and take one action. The actions that can be taken are: STUDY, TRAIN, or TEST.

When you STUDY, you take one entire Stack of Tiles from the middle of the table and place it on your Training Card. You can only have a maximum of three (3) stacks on your training card at any time.

When a player chooses to TRAIN, they take one Tile from the top of any Stack, and take it into their hand. You can choose the top tile from a Stack in the middle of the table, from your own Training Card, or from a Stack on an opposing player’s Training Card.

The last action that is available is to TEST. When you choose to Test, you place one tile from your hand into your matching Scoring Pile (located at the bottom of your Training Card). Then, every player takes all of the Tiles of that color from the top of the Stacks they have on their Training Cards, and places them into their Scoring Piles.

Once the last Stack is taken from the middle of the table, each player takes one final turn, then the victor is determined!

Players then count the number of Tiles in each of their Scoring Piles. The player with the single smallest Scoring Pile is eliminated. The player remaining who has the largest Scoring Pile is chosen as the next master and wins the game!

“I really liked how you had to think on a multidimensional level, but also linear. You had to keep track of three different states of your tiles, but could only ever take one path on your turn. This forced me to think ahead.” Parent Geek · Fathergeek.com
“There’s a lot of umph in this small strategy game and it comes with a MSRP of under $20!” Nicole Brady · SAHM Reviews
“It’s really engaging. It’s almost like a bonsai game, because you can see the structure of a game that’s seems to be more complex, and more sophisticated, but it’s all so small, and easy to handle. I’m really satisfied, I really enjoyed this game, really fun.” Marco Arnaudo · MarcoWarGamer


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