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The customizable strategy game of dueling mages

Enter the Arena! Mage Wars is set in the magical world of Etheria, a place when gods and mortals are in a constant struggle. Conflicts are resolved in the arena, and it is here where Mages prove which schools of magic reign supreme! What would it be like for Mages of vastly different schools and philosophies of magic to come together in an arena and fight to the death? How would an Illusionist battle a Druid? Or a Warlock fight a Beastmaster? Or a Priestess fare against a Wizard?

Mage Wars Arena pits powerful Mages against each other in deadly arena combat. Each Mage uses his own fully-customizable book of spells to achieve total victory over his opponent. Summon mighty creatures to do battle in your name; cast powerful spells to attack your foe and thwart his every plan and strategy; use hidden enchantments to turn the tables and rule the day; adorn yourself with mighty weapons, armor, and arcane artifacts – all of this and more await you in the arena of Mage Wars!

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2 Players
60-90 minutes
Playing Time
Suggested Age

“No game I've ever played so aptly communicates the imaginative vision of two dueling casters, each pulling out all the stops to hold off their foe.” Matt Miller · Game Informer


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What's in the box?

Mage Wars Arena Box Contents
  • The Arena Game Board
  • 2 Spellbooks
  • 336 Spell Cards
  • 4 Mage Cards
  • 4 Mage Ability Cards
  • 2 Mage Status Boards
  • 8 Status Cubes
  • 20 Action Markers
  • 2 Quickcast Markers
  • 9 Attack Dice
  • 1 Effect Die (d12)
  • 27 Damage Counters
  • 12 Mana Counters
  • 8 Guard Markers
  • 6 Ready Markers
  • 23 Condition Markers
  • 3 Ability Markers
  • 1 Initiative Marker
  • 1 Rulebook

Mage Wars Arena is a tactical board game, a combination of a card game and miniatures game, combining the best elements from each genre. The game is played on an arena game board divided into square areas called “zones”, which regulate movement and the placement of objects. Each Mage (player) starts in a corner of the arena, opposite his enemy. The base game comes with all you need to get started: spellbooks, extra spells to customize with the spellbooks, arena game board, dice, markers, etc. The game is NOT collectible, but is fully customizable!

Each player holds a spellbook, from which spell cards are pulled out as they are cast during the game. This has the feel of being a real Mage, turning the pages of your tome of magic, as you plan your strategy each turn. You have full access to cast any spell you want each turn, allowing for an unprecedented level of rich strategy and tactics. Many of these spells – such as creatures, equipment, and enchantments – are placed on the board and become objects in the game.

Every Mage comes from a different school of magic, each with unique spells and strategies:

  • The Beastmaster will try to rush and swarm the enemy with his hordes of animals, buffed by his nature enchantments.
  • The Warlock will go right for the throat, armed with his powerful Lash of Hellfire, Helm of Fear, and Demonhide Armor. Along the way to the enemy Mage, he’ll use his curses and fire attacks to contain and destroy enemy creatures.
  • The Wizard is a trickster, a master of meta-magic: countering, stealing, redirecting, and destroying enemy spells and mana. He’s also a master of teleportation and portals/gates.
  • The Priestess will defend with knights and angels and powerful healing and protection spells. She’ll wear down the enemy, then overwhelm them in the end.
“If you are looking for a game with strategic depth and enticing tactics, where the player can customize their play and define their playing style, then look no further than Mage Wars. It lives up to the hype and surpasses all of my expectations. ” Cyrus Kirby · Father Geek
“Overall, I must say that I truly love Mage Wars. Whether it’s the vast variety of spells, the epic moments that it creates as your outwit your opponent, or just the feel of battling an enemy wizard with your army of magic creatures; Mage Wars just has it all.” David Sterling · Giant Fire Breathing Robot
“This game is one of my favorite games, I think, that I've ever played.” Tom Vasel · Dice Tower


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