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Mage Wars Domination by Bryan Pope, President, Arcane Wonders We developed Mage Wars for five years before it was first shown at Origins in 2011. During that time, the game changed and evolved several times over. For example, for the first 3 years, Mage Wars was played with a typical […]

Grey Elephant Gaming – Live Play of Mage Wars!

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Tim (Priestess) and Carmen (Warlock) battle it out in the Arena in a Live Play of Mage Wars.   Part I: Part II: Coming Soon!  

Let’s Level Up Review of Mage Wars

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Rick at Let’s Level Up has posted his review of Mage Wars, the Core Set! “…I’ve been raving about it for a year now and if you don’t already know, I love this game. ┬áTo me, it’s perfect!” – Rick

Forged in Fire Preview – The Adramelech Warlock


by Scott Morris VP of Business Development   As you may have recently seen, Aaron Brosman, our Creative Director, shared one of the two new mages coming in our Forged in Fire Spell Tome Expansion! The mighty Warlord from the Anvil Throne is going to offer some amazing new game-play […]

GreyElephant Gaming Reviews Mage Wars

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Tim and Carmen Norris from GreyElephant Gaming Review Mage Wars. “I think it’s a brilliant production.” “This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Period.”