Smartphone Inc: Update 1.1

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures!

Investors want to see results and set global goals while new technologies open up new opportunities. Sometimes your personal presence, as the CEO, will be imperative!


1-5 Players
60-90 Minutes
Ages 12+

This expansion was created for experienced players and consists of 4 separate modules!

  • Directives: Common goals that all players can chase after, but only player can get!
  • 2-3 Player Board: A tighter experience for less players!
  • New Technologies: 10 new Technologies in 5 groups of 2. Mix as you want or play with one of the recommended sets! Included in the CEO Technology Set is the new CEO miniatures!
  • Hardcore Mode: For those who like to count a little bit more during economic games!
  • 24 Directives
  • 5 New Technologies
  • 5 Mini-Upgrade Tokens
  • New 2-3 Player Game Board
  • 5 CEO Miniatures
  • 5 Color Rings for Miniatures
  • Rulebook
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