An elegant and simple game of martial tactics

Carved into the crags of the mist-shrouded mountains of ancient Japan lies the Shrine of Onitama. It is a place of enlightenment and skill, a site dedicated to the spirits that guide the Schools of Martial Arts across the land. Masters of these schools hazard the journey to Onitama with their most promising disciples to meet within its hallowed walls and to prove their superiority in battle against the others.

Onitama is an elegant and simple two player abstract strategy game where you take on the role of a Master, guiding your monk followers, in an attempt to defeat your opponent. Armed only with a handful of moves, your cunning, and your wits, have you the skill to be victorious?

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2 Players
15 minutes
Playing Time
Suggested Age

“It is one of those games that I've found that every time you play it, the person across the table says, "Hey let's play it again." No matter if they won or lost, they want to play it again.” Sam Healey · The Dice Tower


Way of the Wind
Sensei’s Path

What's in the box?

Onitama Box Contents
  • 1 Roll-up playmat
  • 2 Master pawns
  • 8 Student pawns
  • 16 Move cards
  • 1 Rulebook

In Onitama, players will vie to capture their opponent’s Master, or, traverse their Master across the board to their opponent’s Master’s starting position to win the game.  To do this, you will be armed with a handful of special and ancient maneuvers, presented on beautiful Tarot size cards, that manipulate the field of battle to your advantage.  Will you use the Dragon to overpower your opponent, the Horse to outmaneuver them, or the Cobra to strike quickly?

These special moves are not yours alone though.  In Onitama, players will shuffle the deck of moves, dealing two moves to each player to begin a game.  In addition, a 5th will be placed face up, to the side of the board.  When it is your turn, you may choose to move any piece using your cards, however, the card you choose to use will then be exchanged with the card to the side of the board.  This means your opponent will have access to that move, after their next!  Can you out-think, out-maneuver, and out-wit your opponent?

With multiple moves to make every game unique, the speed, the grace, and the unique play style of Onitama truly makes this an Essential game for any gamer’s collection!

“The game looks gorgeous, is quick to learn, high quality pieces, simple set up, easy packaging, and quick to play. All that plus it's fun!” Mick Joest · Gametyrant
“An abstract game with little theme is a tough sell. However, the unique gameplay of Onitama makes this a great game, and the multiple moves gives it a lot of replay-ability. If you want something short with interesting choices that can be played a single time or all evening, take a look at Onitama.” Keith Schleicher · Gaming Trend
“Onitama is my new favourite abstract and one that gets unpacked at least once a week to be played a great deal more.” Stuart · Cardboard Quest


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