Wizard Ability Card and Wizard’s Tower Errata

Posted on: July 5, 2016

As many of you know, we at Arcane Wonders take any changes to printed cards very seriously. We contemplate each decision thoroughly before coming to a conclusion. The Wizard and a few cards surrounding him have been a point of special attention. As time has gone on the Wizard has become a consistent design constraint. Today we’re limiting that constraint. The Wizard no longer picks an element to be trained in. Now he is trained only in Arcane and Air. In the short term this may curb his power a bit, but the goal of this errata is to open up the design constraint posed by this Arcane Mage being trained in any of the four elements. Now, someone like the Siren can have a clearer identity because they do not have to worry about their “best tricks” being stolen by the Wizard. We’re excited with how this will let us develop future mages.

The Wizard’s Tower has been a very powerful card since its printing in Conquest of Kumanjaro. However, it has become more and more destabilizing as time has gone on. It contributes to the Wizard’s ability to be more efficient with their spellpoints than anyone else. The ability to spend a few spellpoints on a toolbox full of excellent attacks for your Wizard’s Tower really contributed to it’s power. So, we’ve removed the spellbind from the tower. Now it prepares a spell each round and if it casts that spell, then the spell is discarded as normal. It is no longer an uber wand capable of constantly extending the use of a few key attacks. The Wizard is quite effiecnet with his spellpoints, and now he’ll need to use them well to keep his Wizard’s Tower loaded.

Wizard's Tower V2

These two errata will be in effect at the Gen Con tournament this year, and neither of them are changes we make lightly. I’ve always said that I look at errata as a “measure twice, cut once” type of thing. We’ve been measuring these guys for a while, and we’ll be keeping an eye on them after as well. I hope your Independence Day week is going well!

Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer