The Mage Wars Report: Gen Con Indy 2013

Posted on: September 23, 2013

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr.

Mage Wars at Gen Con 2013 – A Huge Success!

New Products! Sold-out Events! Competitive Tournament Play! The team from Arcane Wonders worked tirelessly throughout the show to meet the needs and requests of our many Mage Wars fans. Featured at the Main Exhibit Booth was our popular new rubber playmats, beautiful new spellbook packs, and our new Mage Wars Dice Towers. In the Event Hall, the team helped guide participants through their first Apprentice Level game of Mage Wars and in the evening ran our packed Mage Wars Masters Tournament. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to Stephen Walters, the Gen Con 2013 Mage Wars Masters Tournament Winner.


gen con 2013/


The Arcane Wonders booth featuring Mage Wars was incredibly busy during the entire show! Our amazing product line was supported with Promo Cards, Mage Buttons, Full-Color Posters, and more! The show specials were a huge hit with our fans.

IMG_1155 600 px

Each day of the show we handed out a new PROMO card! If you missed a day, our front desk Wizard was happy to provide you with the PROMOs for the days you missed! These PROMO cards will be released in a later expansion set.

mage wars cards

Our booth captain Aaron Brosman and the rest of our knowledgeable staff were always available to answer your questions.

IMG_1229 Booth Aaron

At the show we introduced a number of new products to enhance the Mage Wars experience!

Rubber playmats, new Spellbook Packs, and Dice Towers make great additions to your Mage Wars collection.

We also had our highly anticipated Druid vs Necromancer set available for Pre-Order.


With each pre-order fans received Druid and Necromancer Mage cards with alternate background art.

more cards

The Selenia Arena Mat was a HUGE hit! We sold out our entire stock at the show!


Fans also scooped up our new Spellbook Packs!
Spellbook Pack 2 featuring the Dragonscale and the Monster’s Eye art
Spellbook Pack 3 featuring the Sea Serpent and Cursed Soul art.
gencon article2
gencon article3
Thursday through Saturday saw Mage Wars Apprentice play! Participants played the Mage Wars Apprentice Game and had Mage Wars Ambassadors on hand to answer any questions and guide them through the first few turns.
gen con 2013 group pics
For playing the Mage Wars Apprentice game, participants received a Mage Button and a full color battle scene poster.
gen con 2013 group pics2

gen con 2013 group pics3

gencon last pic

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