Test your skills… Shrink!

Posted on: July 1, 2015

By Aaron Brosman

Community Manager and Designer


Last week at Dice Tower Con a few Mage Wars Arena players got to peak through the suggested spellbooks for the upcoming Mage Wars Academy. The response was tremendous! They were excited both for this new format and for taking these cards into their games of Arena. So, today I’m going to start small, and give you a glimpse of Shrink!


One of the first things you’ll notice is the school name below the symbol in the upper right corner. We know that these symbols become second nature over time, but we wanted to spare new players having to look them up, and in our testing this has worked out very well. After several games, players pick up those symbols easily.

Other than that change, this card looks just like an Arena card, and that’s on purpose. We wanted to include things to make the Academy experience flow smoother, but not change things around for those familiar with the cards. In this way Shrink fits right into an Arena spellbook as well as an Academy one.

But what does it do? Well Shrink is a temporary enchantment that makes a creature less effective in combat. It both removes two dice from their attacks and makes them a pest so they cannot effectively guard. You’ll also notice that we brought back a keyword previously only seen on Rolling Fog, Dissipate. When you reveal Shrink, you place two dissipate counters on it. Each Upkeep you remove one counter, and when they’re gone it is destroyed. So for all its power, Shrink is temporary and you’ll have to make the most of this power play.

Next week we will unveil more from Academy, and in the coming weeks, leading up to the special early pre-release at Gen Con, you’ll learn more about all the exciting new things Academy will bring to the table!  There is plenty more of Academy to come, so get ready, it’s time to get schooled!

You can pre-order the Mage Wars Academy Core Set for special early Pre-Release at Gen Con 2015 online here!