Test your Skills… Ridgeback Skunk

Posted on: August 12, 2015

By Aaron Brosman
Community Manager and Designer

On the forums my icon is Oscuda, the first skunk we’ve ever added to Mage Wars. There are two reasons I chose this card for my icon, first of all skunks are pretty incredible, and Oscuda is one tough customer in his own right. Second, my father has done animal damage removal since I was in high school. That means that if someone has squirrels tearing up their insulation, they call my dad. If someone has bats in their attic, they call my dad. For all manner of animal issues, people call my dad. And so for as long as he’s been doing that, his logo has been an adorable little skunk. When the time came to make my icon for the forums, the choice was clear, skunk it is.

Today, we widen our circle slightly. I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite creatures in academy, Ridgeback Skunk!

Ridgeback Skunk

The Ridgeback Skunk is very different than Oscuda. His attack is much weaker, and he’s not as beefy on the defensive. He doesn’t have a zone attack. Granted most of this you’d expect, he’s not a legendary skunk. No, he’s just a wild Ridgeback Skunk. So, why is he easily one of my favorite creatures? It’s all tied up in his ability . When a living creature melee attacks him, they get staggered. In this way he makes a phenomenal guard. He can effectively handle many creatures for two rounds at once. In Academy a small buff can go a long way, Gator Toughness or Iguana Regrowth can really extend his usefulness. In Arena he makes an inexpensive, but solid pet. This weasel helps out the toolbox of any nature mage.

Now, go forth and test your skills against the tenacious Ridgeback Skunk!