Test your skills… at the Academy!

Posted on: June 15, 2015

Amidst all the excitement coming from Origins with Sheriff of Nottingham® winning the Board Game of the Year award and the pre-release of Mage Wars® Battlegrounds Domination, several players had the opportunity to experience a whole new way to duel with our play sessions of Mage Wars® Academy!  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we are very excited to announce today that we will have limited supply of Academy available at Gen Con 2015!  Learn more about this exciting new way to duel at our new product page, and, pre-order for Gen Con pick up today!


Whether you have been looking to get into Mage Wars® or you are a seasoned veteran of Mage battles, Academy has a lot to offer!  New spells, new gameplay, more portability and faster play times!  Plus, all Academy cards are compatible with Mage Wars® Arena!

We look forward to an exciting and fun filled Gen Con, showing the world and entirely new way to duel, and we hope you join us in Indianapolis for the 4 best days in gaming!  If you’re unable to attend though, don’t worry, we’ll have pre-orders for Academy at general release very soon.  The full release is slated for October and all first print runs (Gen Con pick ups, online pre-orders, or pre-orders through your FLGS) will come with two special promo cards, the Gorgon Spearthrower and Shock!

Train in your school, craft you spellbook, and test your skill at the Academy!

Promo Cards included in fist print run of the Mage Wars® Academy Core Set: