An exciting party game for 3 to 8 players. Players frantically act out words – but they can’t say a word! See how many you can get right in 90 seconds!



Speechless Components

Players in Speechless take turns being the “presenter”. The Presenter will act out 6 words, trying to get the other players to correctly guess what word they are acting out. They only have 90 seconds to do this! In Speechless, cards are separated into 3 decks by color and difficulty:


Easy cards are Green, Medium cards are Yellow, and Hard cards are Red.

While the presenter is acting out the words, the other players are watching and trying to guess what word is being acted out. If they think they know the word, they write it down on their marker board with their dry erase marker.

Both presenter and the other players are not allowed to talk during the acting!

After the presenter’s time is up, he or she will reveal the words to the players, one at a time, asking the players what their guesses were for each word. For example, the presenter may say “What did you guess for word #1?”. Then, the other players, one at a time going clockwise around the table, reveal their guesses.

After all guesses have been revealed for that word, the presenter then reveals what the actual word was.


See the circles with the #1 and #2 beside where the player wrote their guesses? The players note on their marker boards how many points they received for that word:

Players score 2 points for guessing the correct word!


If a player did not guess the correct word, but at least one other player made the same incorrect guess, all players with the same guess score 1 point!

Bound to bring bouts of laughter and memorable moments for all players, the sheer fun and enjoyment Speechless brings on game night truly makes this an Essential game for any collection!


Speechless is the fourth game in our Dice Towers Essentials Line, designed by Mike Elliott.


The Dice Tower Essentials Line is composed of games that noted reviewer Tom Vasel (www.dicetower.com) believes are essential for any gamer’s collection. These are games that we love, and are sure you will, also!

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