SoCal Smackdown, Meet Mage Wars

Posted on: September 26, 2012

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr.


Mage Wars teammates Alan Gerding and Patrick Connor travelled to beautiful Anaheim, CA to participate in SoCal Smackdown 2012. This marked the first tradeshow where the Mage Wars Core Set was on sale at the show, as well as, at local game stores across the US. The weather was beautiful, the gaming intense. During demos at the Anaheim Convention Center epic battles ensued between the four mages of the Core Set, the Beastmaster, the Priestess, the Warlock, and the Wizard.
Demos started at 10:00 AM and ran through the day until 6:00 PM in the exhibit hall on Saturday and Sunday. The reception at the event was overwhelming. Almost every person that played the demo loved the game and either purchased a copy or planned on purchasing one from their local game and hobby store.
At the close of the 700+ attendee show on Sunday, Alan and Patrick had run over 100 demos, given away as many t-shirts, and sold out most of their available copies of the Mage Wars Core Set. The entire staff at Arcane Wonders would like to thank Adam Roseblum and the SoCal staff for their excellent support and professionalism. Thanks to your efforts, the supports from your attendees, Mage Wars participation at SoCal Smackdown was a huge success.
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