Sheriff of Nottingham Promos Update

Posted on: November 12, 2014

Many gamers are looking forward to this Friday, the official street date for the highly anticipated, Sheriff of Nottingham!  As many of you know, we have had a few promo cards available, through different means, leading up to this auspicious event.  As such, we wanted to take a moment and share all the details on the promos, and, where you can still get some of them!

First up was the Royal Summons Pre-Order Promo.  This card was a special limited offer for units pre-ordered before September 30th, 2014, either through our online web store, or through your online/local retailer.  The Summons acts as a contraband card, but if you are inspected and telling the truth about everything else in your bag, it will force the Sheriff to pay you a hefty sum from detaining you from your meeting with the “Honorable” Prince John!


Next is the Gen Con 6-Pack.  These cards were exclusive to pre-orders being picked up at Gen Con, however, we’re very happy to share that the remaining packs of these cards can now be acquired through the online store located here, starting immediately!  Best to hurry though as supplies are limited!

AW Promo Pack

While at Gen Con, there were also two promos that the Dice Tower, and Tom himself, helped us design; the Feast Plate and the Arcane Scrolls.  These cards are very fun, very exciting, and can be acquired through the Dice Tower’s website, located here, for a small donation.

DT Promo Pack

Finally, there is Prince John’s Sword, the largest valued contraband item in the game, to date.  This is an exclusive promo card, only available as an insert in the October issue of GTM.  GTM is a monthly publication from Alliance Game Distribution and most friendly local game stores carry copies of it on their shelves. This card will handsomely reward you if you can sneak it into the city, but if you are caught red handed with the Prince’s sword, it will cost you handsomely as well!


We hope everyone is as excited to play Sheriff as we are to get it in you hands!  If anyone has any questions, please let us know, by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, or our Forums.  For now, we look forward to Friday, and bluffing, bribing and negotiating our way into Nottingham!