Sheriff of Nottingham in the News

Posted on: August 25, 2014

The success of Sheriff of Nottingham at Gen Con was amazing! We sold out each day very early and many people have told us it was one of their favorites, if not their top favorite game of the convention… but don’t take our words for it… here are some of the videos and written reviews coming out of Gen Con, from those who snagged a copy of their own. Get ready to bluff, bribe, and negotiate on October 10th, and don’t forget to pre-order on our web store, or through your FLGS, but August 30th to secure the Royal Summons Promo card!

Drive Thru Reviews:


Game Boy Geek Review:


Board Game Replay:


Grey Elephant Gaming Preview:


Bower’s Game Corner Review:


Dice Tower Review:


WeaponsGrade Channel Review: Written Review: