Sheriff of… BGGCon?!

Posted on: November 12, 2014

If you are attending BGGcon this year, the annual “gamer focused” convention put on by, we have some exciting news for you today!  We’re going to be giving away 6 copies of Sheriff of Nottingham!

Not only will we be giving away copies of one of the hottest and most anticipated games of the year, but you’re going to have the chance to play, and beat, the Sheriff himself!

Kevin Burkhardsmeier, from Board Game Theater, will be joining us on Thursday, November 20th and Friday, November 21st, from 1 to 4 PM CST in the Demo Land area, in full regalia, to play the part of the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham!  Your job?  Simple, defeat him at his own game!

Our contest will be held in Demo Land between 1 and 4 PM CST on Thursday and Friday.  To enter, you can sign up in our booth in the Vendor Hall (Booth #305) before noon each day!  Then, come to Demo Land and be prepared to take on the Sheriff himself for a chance to take home your own copy of the Sheriff of Nottingham from Arcane Wonders!  For more details on the contest, please see the rules below.  We do highly suggest you to familiarize yourself with the normal game-play and rules of Sheriff of Nottingham which you can through our online rulebook or the recent “Watch it Played” video.

We look forward to seeing you at BGGCon, and, seeing who can outsmart the Sheriff himself!

The Sheriff’s costume, based on artwork by David Sladek, was designed by Matti’s Millinery and Costumes.  You can learn more about them on their Etsy Page, their Twitter Page, their Blog Page, or online at


Contest rules and details:

To participate, you must sign up at the Arcane Wonders booth, in the vendor hall, between 10 AM and noon each day at Booth #305

Contest entry is open to adults, 18 and over, or, children with permission of their parents (Please bring you parent when signing up)

Entrants will be invited to play against the Sheriff between 1-4 CST in the Demo Land area (Tables C6 and D6) with the following modified rules to the game:

Kevin, the Sheriff, will always play the role of the Sheriff while players will always be merchants

All players will start with 30 Gold

Players will play 3 rounds, with each round seeing the merchants attempting to get their goods past you the Sheriff per normal rules of the game

Inspections will be handled per normal game rules with an added bonus:

> If the Merchants succeed in being granted a pass by the Sheriff, any legal goods are placed in their player boards as normal and will count towards their end game scoring

> If the Merchants succeed in being granted a pass by the Sheriff, for each Contraband successfully brought into the city, the Merchant will receive one contest ticket

> If Inspected by the Sheriff, each legal good they are telling the truth about, will earn the Merchant one contest ticket

> If inspected by the Sheriff, any cards the Merchant is lying about will incur the printed penalty, paid to the Sheriff, and lowering the player’s score for end game scoring

If all players are successful in reducing the Sheriff’s gold supply to $0 then each Merchant will receive a bonus 5 contest tickets

At the end of the game, the Merchant with the highest score will be declared the winner of the game and will receiv a bonus 5 contest tickets

All contest tickets will be entered into an end of day drawing and each day Arcane Wonders will draw 3 uniwue winners that will all win their very own copy of Sheriff of Nottingham!

The Sheriff will continue to play games between 1-4 each day, with contestants being called to the table in the order of signing up at our booth from that morning so sign up early!

Prizes are limited to one game per person.

Again, we ask that you are familiar with the base game’s rules, along with the modifications for the contest listed above, when entering.