Robin and the Sheriff align for Charity!

Posted on: October 6, 2014

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It’s game on for Robin and the Sheriff!


Nottingham’s most famous outlaw and his traditional enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham have joined forces to raise funds for a local charity in a most unusual way – with a boardgame!

A brand new game called SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM is due to be released worldwide this month and Arcane Wonders. The company who produces it sent an advance copy to Nottingham’s Official Robin Hood, Tim Pollard, after he asked them if he could auction a copy for charity. Tim is a long-time fan of games and used to work for several games companies as a designer and illustrator before becoming a full-time Robin Hood over 21 years ago.

“Asking the real Sheriff of Nottingham to join me in signing a game named after her seemed too good an opportunity to miss” said Tim. “The Sheriff was very positive about helping raise some money for charity and it really is going to be a unique item”. The real Sheriff, Cllr. Jackie Morris said “I’m very pleased to help raise money for charity as I’m the nice Sheriff, not a nasty one!” and then added “I’m not sure about the picture on the box though, that’s definitely not me!”. Scott Morris (no relation to the Sheriff), Vice-President of the American company behind the game said “We’re really very excited about this, it’s a great idea and we’re genuinely happy to help!”

The Sheriff and Robin signed and added some extra goodies into the box after having helped open Nottingham’s 720th annual Goose Fair last Thursday. The game itself pits players against the evil Sheriff as they try to smuggle goods to trade and sell into a medieval market similar to Goose Fair when it first started – but players need to keep the Sheriff happy or he may confiscate the lot!

The game is listed at online auction site Ebay and you can find a link and a video showing the actual signing at Tim’s Robin Hood website The auction finishes at 10pm next Sunday and all of the money raised from the auction will go to Nottingham Childline.

To join the auction for charity, you can visit the

Ebay listing is here!

Below is a video of Tim and Jackie signing the game!

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