Prologue: Purifying the Deceiver

Posted on: April 30, 2013

The Warlocks were to blame for the riots in Westlock. She should have known. Such blasphemers. Even now they hide in a church. They are as craven as the demons they serve, thought Dvora.
After days of tireless effort, she had found the source of the perverted “prophets.” A small monastery in the foothills near Victoria. Like a rotten apple, the building hid a poison inside. She signaled her knights. With practiced alacrity they swooped toward the monastery, quickly forcing open each door.
There is no exit for these heathens. They will see how pale the fire of damnation is to the light of Asyra!
Asyran defenders quickly secured the upper floors. There was no resistance. The halls had been cleared of inhabitants. Dvora summoned her most stalwart knights of Westlock to accompany her into the depths of the cellar.
Dvora illuminated the cellar with a pale light, her retinue of knights cautiously advancing with her.
Brimstone, the smell of demons…
There was rolling smoke across the floor.
“I see now what Westlock hospitality is like.” A voice echoed.
“No,” said Dvora, “You will see what Westlock justice is like!”
The smoke billowed, then dissipated revealing a Warlock with eyes like burnt coals and a small demon with a sinister smile.
Her knights charged. The Warlock summoned a massive firestorm. The entire cellar ignited, and two knights died, incinerated by flame.
“Not even your sorcery will stop the faithful!” Dvora screamed.
She knelt down and touched one of the fallen knights. Asyra’s bright light shown from his body. He stood again, resurrected. Dvora’s presence emboldened the knights, and they charged forward. Each landing a massive blow on the Warlock. Fire still burned in his eyes even as he bled onto the floor.
“Adramelech must know of your failure,” the demon said.
“You cannot leave me now, Sersiryx!” cried the Warlock, his fire extinguished.
“I am summoned by a greater master,” said the imp, and he disappeared.
“You will learn nothing from me Priestess!’ said the Warlock. As he turned his fire on himself, and consumed his tongue.

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