RWBY: Combat Ready Villains Expansion

Join forces to take on fierce villains and slay monstrous Grimm!

Be Ruby Rose and rise to victory with her Crescent Rose; slice and dice the Grimm as Weiss Schnee, wielding her Myrtenaster; join in and fire from afar as Blake Belladonna with her Gambol Shroud; or leap in and create massive explosions as Yang Xiao Long with her Ember Celica.


2-5 Players
60 Minutes
Ages 14+

Enhance your gameplay by replacing the Villain Fury token in the base game with miniatures of each of the three Villains, and introduce exciting new attacks, actions and special events to provide new challenges for team RWBY!

Requires RWBY: Combat Ready to play

  • 3 Villain Miniatures
  • Villains Booster Deck (30 cards)
  • Heroes Booster Deck (30 cards)
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