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The bigger the gap between your collected cards, the more points you’ll score! Quick to learn and play, GAP is just as perfect for a quick game on the go as it is for a great game night at home.


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2-6 Players
10 Minutes
Ages 8+

GAP is played over multiple rounds. In each round, you‘ll play the cards in your hand to collect cards from the middle
and place them in front of you. At the end of the round you‘ll score for the color you collected the most of, minus the color
you collected the least of.

On your turn, you must play 1 card from your hand – placing it face-up on the table in front of YOURSELF.

What happens then will depend on what numbers are face-up in the middle row.

If 1 or more cards in the middle are the same number as the played card:

Take ALL the matching number cards and place them face-up on the table in front of yourself with the card played.

If any cards in the middle are numerically adjacent to the played card:

Take one card that matches the lower number and one card that matches the higher number. Even if there are multiple cards that qualify, you will only select one higher and one lower card at most. Place the selected cards including the card you played face up on the table in front of yourself.

If the played card has no matching cards and no adjacent cards in the middle:

Add the played card face-up to the middle row.

  • 50 Foil Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
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