Dragonscales: Promo Pack

5 more cards for your treachery!

Limited edition promotional cards for Dragonscales. Includes powerful new items and artifacts for the Treasure deck!


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3-5 Players
60 Minutes
Ages 14+
  • Temporal Shifter
    • Once per round, you may pay 1 dragonscale to allow any player who is moving to move 1 additional space
  • Gem of Warding
    • Discard to cancel any attack against any player
  • Potion of Silence
    • Discard during the choose actions step when any player reveals their dice. That play may re-roll all of their rage outcomes
  • Counterspell
    • Discard at any time to cancel any villainy card as it is being played
  • Dragondmend Scroll
    • Discard the card to make all other players return one dragon wound of their choice back to the dragon’s head

Requires Dragonscales to play

Temporal Shifter

Gem of Warding

Potion of Silence


Dragondmend Scroll

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