Pre-Order Battlegrounds Domination today!

Posted on: April 6, 2015

Are you ready to Dominate the Arena?  Pre-Order your copy of Mage Wars Arena: Battlegrounds Domination today, for either direct shipment or pick up at Origins Game Fair at the Arcane Wonders booth and secure your first printing of the set which comes with two promo cards, the Ankh of Asyra and Blur!

MW_Battlegrounds_Render_BASE PNG 525Wide

Whether you are looking for more spells for Mage Wars Arena, custom puzzle cut tiles to make your own Arena designs, or an entire new way to play (Domination rules), our first expansion in the Battlegrounds line for Arena play has it all for you!  See more about Battlegrounds Domination, including the two promo cards that are included in each set of the first printing, here at our product page.

In addition, we have a very special pre-release option to pre-order and pick up at Origins Game Fair 2015, at our booth directly, ahead of the full release in early July!

Offering new gameplay styles, new spells, and custom arena design, Battlegrounds Domination will expand your game-play of Mage Wars Arena in entirely new and exciting ways!