Paladin vs Siren: Voice of the Sea

Posted on: June 3, 2016

Wednesday I posted another poll in our forums to see what spell you’d like to see spoiled today. Once again it was a very tight vote. Voice of the Sea won by a single vote. Blightheart and Knight of the Red Helm were tied, one vote behind. But the people have spoken! Now I get to show you one of the Siren’s most important equipmen, the Voice of the Sea.

Voice of the Sea

Earlier this week I showed off the first song spell, and here is the instrument that the Siren will play that song on. Voice of the Sea has two simple effects. First, it acts like a traditional discount ring. By having the right tool at hand the Siren will pay less mana for songs. Keep in mind that this can be comboed with the Enchanter’s Ring to get a really solid discount. Second, enchantments gain an extra Dissipate token when revealed. So, the Siren can really keep that killer “solo” going.

She may not know Freebird, but with the Voice of the Sea, the Siren can make her song spells quite potent. We’ll have a new spoiler up on Tuesday. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!