Paladin vs Siren: Time for a Little Piracy!

Posted on: June 23, 2016

One week ago, the Arcane Wonders crew was in Columbus, Ohio for the Origins Game Fair. Sadly after we returned the con crud caught up with me, but it won’t stop me from getting you all a fantastic new preview today. Here is Blightheart, an undead pirate in service to the Siren.


Blightheart is an undead pirate skeleton. He’s got a fairly potent melee attack. It has a 50% chance to Bleed it’s victim. However, Blightheart’s special ability really makes him exceptionally potent. If he attacks a creature that’s already activated, then he adds +4 to his effect roll, giving him a chance to Bleed and Rot. In addition he is Elusive and so will always be able to attack exactly who he wants to.  As with most skeletons he has no armor and exceptional health. Overall this vicious pirate is pretty straightforward, but exceptionally dangerous.  So go plunder your opponent’s treasure with this awesome pirate.