Paladin vs Siren: The Archangel’s Temple

Posted on: June 29, 2016

Whenever there is a new set for a game I play, I love to look at the spoilers. However, the cards that catch my attention are usually not the big earth shattering cards, but rather the simple workhorse cards. It’s all about what solid foundational card will I have access to that reinforces a theme I’ve wanted to play. So far, we’ve show a lot of very exciting and earth shattering cards, but today we’re going to look at a fantastic workhorse card. He may not be a deity, but the Archangel Malakai can still have an impact in the arena, so today I present Malakai’s Basilica!Malakai's Basilica┬áMalakai’s Basilica targets an enemy creature to become more vulnerable to Light attacks. It’s a pretty simple effect that can constantly add an extra die to attacks, if you plan ahead. However, when you look at all the cards this supports then it becomes more exciting. As a temple, this card contributes to Temple of Light, and its effect will also help empower the Temple of Light as well. So with just Malakai’s Basilica and Temple of Light you’ll be able to fire a 3 die laser for only 2 mana. The basilica becomes much more potent the more Light attacks you can bring to bear, and Paladin vs Siren has several new options ranging from Light of Dawn to Sword of Radiance. This is one crusade that Malakai is happy to join!

Come back on July 4th for a very special preview here on the Arcane Wonders website. Until then, we hope the light smiles upon you!