Paladin vs Siren: Terra Incognito

Posted on: May 30, 2016

I hope everyone is taking time today to celebrate Memorial Day. It’s important to remember those who’ve given their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy today.


On a much less important note, I promised you a look at terrain today. Terrain is a new type of conjuration, much like walls are a type of conjuration. Terrain attach to the zone directly and they alter the landscape transforming the Arena into something else entirely. Most terrain have no Life attribute. This means that they cannot be destroyed by attacking them. So, how do you get rid of a nasty terrain? When you cast a terrain, if there is a terrain in the targeted zone already then you must pay mana equal to that terrain’s cost. When you do, then the previous terrain is replaced by your new terrain, and it is placed in the discard pile.

That’s enough from me so far, here is a look at Shallow Sea. This is the Siren’s signature terrain!

Shallow Sea


With Shallow Sea the Siren floods one of the zones in the Arena. This imposes several penalties on non-aquatic creatures. They lose an attack die on non-spell attacks and they become hindered. After all, it’s tough to move around in all that water. Then aquatic creatures, like the Shoalsdeep Tidecaller, gain Melee +1. Other cards, like Naiya, gain benefits for being in a zone with an aquatic  terrain attached. This makes the Shallow Sea a zone that the Siren really wants to be in. With up to six copies in her spellbook, the Siren will not be able to flood the whole arena, but because it’s a Cantrip she can be sure to always have parts of the Arena underwater.

There is your special Memorial Day preview. Come back later this week when I’ll explain all about song spells!