Paladin vs Siren Spoiler: The Runner Up

Posted on: May 27, 2016

Those of you who’ve read the Luminous Blast spoiler know that there was a poll in our forums to decide what card to preview. So today I’ve decided to preview the runner up in that poll, Naiya. She is an indespensable assistant to the mighty Siren. Behold!



On the surface, Naiya seems pretty standard. She’s level 3 and 12 mana, which are about average for a familiar. She’s Legendary and Siren Only, also standard. However, her spell selection is the first unique aspect of her card. She, much like Cassiel, has a unique but broad spell selection. As more cards are spoiled you’ll see the full depth of what she can cast. But even right now she can cast all of the current Water spells. So she has access to Surging Wave as well as Dissolve, but with the full set of Paladin vs Siren you’ll not only expand the Water school greatly, but she’ll also have access to some fantastic song spells. We’ll be spoiling out first song spell next week. They’re a fun subtype of spells that the Siren is quite adept with.

Naiya also gets a nice bonus for staying in zones with aquatic terrain. How exactly does terrain work? Well that may just be my gift to all of you for Memorial Day.

So, go out and enjoy a fantastic weekend. Plot and plan for this fantastic new familiar, and I’ll see you all back here on Monday.