Paladin vs Siren Spoiler: From the Banks of Lake Michigan

Posted on: May 18, 2016

Hello again, Mage Warriors! After last week’s reveal of “Temple High Guard”, I’ve been really thinking about what creature to show you from the Siren that will help encapsulate her playstyle. Now, the obvious choice would be Naiya, but there are other cards you need to see first before she really makes sense. The next choice was the amazing Deptonnes. But, they really have their own theme and don’t directly support the Siren’s “entrapment” playstyle. They’re her muscle not the workhorse.

I’d been mulling over this for a couple days, but then I found the perfect card to preview. My wife and I were in Michigan with some friends over the weekend, and she insisted that we stop by the shore of The Lake. So we did. We were at the dunes by Silver Lake state park, and that is where I snapped this picture.
Growing up in Indiana, I didn’t really see the ocean for quite a long time. But, I remember the first time I saw lake Michigan. It’s a pretty amazing and beautiful place. It’s also one of the few lakes large enough to actually generate waves. That’s a bit of trivia from my eighth grade science class that I will never forget. So, while we were at the dunes and I watched the waves hit the coast I realized exactly what preview I should do. The Siren loves the waves and tides. She’s a master of movement tricks and entrapment. So today I give you… the Shoalsdeep Tidecaller!
Shoalsdeep Tidecaller


As you can see the Siren has brought more Merren with her to fight the Landwalkers. The Shoalsdeep Tidecaller uses a new “tidal” mechanic. Its attack becomes much better when you have the Initiative. That represents the tides coming in. The tidecallers attack averages out to a 4 die attack with a 7+ push. However, in any individual round you’ll be solidly above that or less than that. With all the positional tools at the Siren’s disposal, the tidecaller is a regular workhorse. He enables many of her standard strategies, and in a pinch can snuff out some burns.

There is still a lot to explore, under the waves and on the land, so I can’t wait to bring you the next preview!