Paladin vs Siren: Smite!

Posted on: July 14, 2016

One of the traditional abilities of a Paladin is the ability to smite evil. Mage Wars is no exception and today we’ll be looking at a key Paladin power incantation, Smite!SmiteFirst thing to notice about Smite is that it’s Epic. You will only get once chance to Smite your opponent. Now what does smiting someone entail? First your attack deals critical damage. This means that no armor will be useful against you. Second, it’s Unavoidable, so no defenses will stop you. Lastly, you roll 2 additional dice, so you’re going to hit harder than normal. All of this costs 2 mana, and 4 Valor. This makes the Paladin a very dangerous opponent late in the game. There is almost no way out of the awesome power that is Smite. And, as the game goes on you can have your Mage built up to really be able to drive this card home.

That’s all we have today, but we’ll have even more spoilers next week. We hope you all have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend.


Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer