Paladin vs Siren: Shoalsdeep Trident

Posted on: July 11, 2016

Last week we looked at the beginning of the Paladin’s arsenal. The Sword of Radiance encapsulates so much of what the Paladin is all about, valor, combat, and radiance. Well in the same way that the Sword of Radiance is the pinnacle of Paladin weaponry, so the Shoalsdeep Trident is the epitome of Siren weapons.

Shoalsdeep Trident

The Shoalsdeep Trident is a flexible weapon able to dismantle foes in melee range or fire a blast of water at range. Both attacks have a very good chance to push the defender away. This allows the Siren to use her call to have an opponent approach her, and potentially enter a zone with a Bed of Urchins in it. They take damage from the spiky aquatic critters and then she uses her trident to push the opponent away, setting them up to repeat the process next round. What is a Bed of Urchins? Well, it’s a zone conjuration that can attack creatures that enter the zone, kind of like Mangler Caltrops. It’s probably just easier if you see it.

Bed of Urchins

If the zone has an aquatic terrain attached, then aquatic creatures are immune to the urchin attack. This card combos very well with both the Siren’s Call ability and the plethora of pushes that hydro spells generate. Also, if successful it will apply the Rot condition, so your opponents won’t quickly forget their presence.

We’ll see you all back here Thursday to look at one of the Paladin’s trademark cards, Smite! See you all then!