Paladin vs Siren: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Posted on: July 29, 2016

So today is finally time to release the Kraken!


There he is in all his glory. Like the Leviathan, he’s a huge sea monster. However, the Kraken has a brand new condition added with Paladin vs Siren, Grapple. This allows him to grab hold of creatures and prevent them from moving. Here is the full ability.

Grapple (Condition Marker)
Grapple is a condition which represents a creature grabbing and holding onto another creature. The creature initiating the Grapple is the grappler and the other creature is the prey. When a Grapple condition occurs, place the grappler and prey creature cards next to each other, with a Grapple condition marker on top of the prey (see example). Both creatures have a shared Grapple condition.

The prey is attached to the grappler. Both creatures are Restrained and Unmovable. They cannot Guard, and ignore guards when attacking each other. A creature can only be the prey of one Grapple condition. If another creature attempts to grapple it, the grapple fails.

A creature can be the grappler in several Grapple conditions (it can hold onto multiple preys), as long as it has a separate attack with the Grapple trait for each prey it is holding. In such a case, place all of the prey cards next to the grappler, with a separate Grapple condition on each one. A creature cannot grapple a conjuration or itself. Uncontainable creatures cannot be grappled.

For as long as it has the Grapple condition, the grappler cannot use the attack which caused the Grapple. If the prey makes a non-spell attack, it can only make a melee attack against the grappler and rolls 2 less attack dice on that attack.

Damage Barriers
If either creature has a damage barrier, and it is not triggered by a melee attack, then it will still attack the other creature at the end of their activation. For example, if the prey has a damage barrier, and the grappler did not make a melee attack against the prey this round, at the end of the grappler’s activation it will still be attacked by the prey’s damage barrier.

Removing the Grapple
• The grappler may “release its prey”, and remove the Grapple condition marker at any time (but not in the middle of an attack or other action).
• If either creature is Teleported, the Grapple is removed.
• If the grappler becomes Incapacitated, it removes all of its Grapple conditions.
• The prey may attempt to escape at the end of its activation. It attempts an escape roll with the effect die. Add +1 to the roll for each damage the prey has dealt to the grappler this round. If the total is 9+, then the prey escapes and the Grapple is removed.
• Grapple does not have a removal cost, and cannot be removed by spells or effects which remove conditions.

There is quite a bit going on here, but the gist is that while the Kraken has grappled someone, neither of them can move away. So using it’s ranged attack the Kraken pulls the target into it’s zone and then pins it’s foe in its grapple. Then it pecks them apart with its powerful beak attack. Now, if it doesn’t pull the defender into its zone then the Kraken does not grapple them either. Now, I hope you see all the possibilities that open with the Kraken. But, just so you’ll understand the grapple mechanic a bit more, here is another creature that utilizes grapple to deadly effect.


Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll see everyone next week at GenCon!


Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer