Paladin vs Siren: Promos

Posted on: July 25, 2016

So, Gen Con is on our doorstep. Just next week we’ll all descend upon Indianapolis for the best four days in gaming. Now with the first printing of Paladin vs Siren we’ve included two promo cards. The first of which we teased at the end of last year. She a dragon named after our very own queen of customer service, Alfiya.

Alfiya, Noble Enforcer

This is the second dragon in the history of Mage Wars, and it is also a level 8 spell. When Alfiya hits the table light attacks become much more dangerous. This includes her attack and light attack spells. However, you’ll notice that her action marker doesn’t ready as normal. Clerics may pray to Alfiya once per round to ready her. The great part about that is you can ready her the round you cast her, if you plan accordingly. However, even if you don’t her light attack ability applies to the entire Arena. So wherever she is, she can have an impact.

But that’s not the only promo. The second promo is the Sherean Leviathan. It is an incredible monster in the service of the elemental lord of water.

Sherean Leviathan

This is a terrifying underwater monster. He’s one of the few creatures to ever have the Unstoppable trait. In addition to that, simply having some water around make the Sherean Leviathan nearly inescapable. And with a truly massive 7 die attack, no creature is safe.

Those are the two new promos, but we’ve included several previous promos in this set. We’re expescially excited about the next two cards. They’re crossover promos we did with Level 99 games, and we’re super excited to get them into Paladin vs Siren. Let me introduce Eligor and Gerard!

Eligor LaringtonGerard Matranga

When Level 99 did their Kickstarter for BattleCON: War Remastered, they made special promos for our Anvil Throne Warlord and Adramelech Warlock. In return we made two special promos of BattleCON fighters. Now, they’ve finally made it into Paladin vs Siren! Please check them out in their original medium, BattleCON: Devastation of Indines and while you’re there check out the promo characters Iskra Brimstone and Raederick Blackforge!

I’ll be back later this week with another promo. It’ll be time to unleash the Kraken.

Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer