Paladin vs Siren: Name that Tune!

Posted on: June 1, 2016

When we first starting looking at the Siren, there were a few key things about her. We knew that she would be the first Mage to focus on the Water school, and that she would have a powerful vocalization. Well as we designed her ability card, she had both of those things, but we were looking for ways to really tie her into the traditional myths. So we created song spells. Song is a subtype of spells. Currently they’re all enchantments with a temporary duration. They all have dissipate, to represent the length of the song, and then they have special effects that either trigger each round or are passive benefits to the creature they’re enchanting. To show you just what I mean, here is Ballad of Courage.

Ballad of Courage


One of the really interesting parts of songs are that they’re often psychic spells as well. So, if you don’t have a mind then you can’t benefit from most of them. However, some songs, like Ballad of Courage, don’t care if you’re alive or not, they just want you to have a mind. Ballad of Courage has a very unique trait. A creature with it cannot be Hindered. That means no conjurations or creatures can Hinder them. In this way you can make unparalleled use of the Charge +2 and Fast that the spell provides.

Lastly, I know that looking at this spell it doesn’t seems like a Siren card, but I assure you it is. In fact both the Paladin and the Siren are trained in this card. And now, I’ll leave you to ponder those implications.