Paladin vs Siren: Knight of the Red Helm

Posted on: June 7, 2016

Last weekend was the UK Games Expo, and I would like to thank one of our finest ambassadors for his work at that show. Chris Brett, you’ve done a fantastic job, and all of us at Arcane Wonders are grateful for your efforts! We’ll also be heading to Origins in Columbus, Ohio next week. So right now at the Arcane Wonders Offices, it’s a whirlwind of activity. But, I won’t leave you all hanging. I promised you’d get a spoiler today, and so here is one of the runner-ups from our last poll.Knight of the Red Helm

The Knight of the Red Helm is pretty straightforward. He’s got a solid stat line, but other than his three armor nothing really stands out. This knightly order is completely fearless, and so he has the Psychic Immunity trait. This is quite a boon when facing the Siren as it renders her Siren’s Call ineffective, as well as several songs. But it’s his special text that really sets him apart. Knight of the Red Helm gains Melee +2 when attacking the strongest enemy creature. So what is strongest? Well for something to be the strongest it has to have the highest mana cost in the arena. So, the strongest enemy creature is the enemy creature with the highest mana cost. If there are no other creatures, then your opponent’s Mage will be their strongest creature.

These knights live to hunt down the biggest creatures they can, without regard to the consequences. So, when you need a lance worth of questing knights, look no further than the Knight of the Red Helm. This is one knightly order that is all about kicking butt. To those of you headed to Origins, please come by our booth and say hi. As always I’d love to chat with you. It’s easily my favorite convention. I’ll see everyone back here on Monday, then it’s off to Origins!