Paladin vs Siren: Independence Day

Posted on: July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day, everyone! I’ve come into the office today, to get you a very special spoiler. So far you’ve been many of the tools that the Paladin and Siren will be using when they enter the Arena. Well today, I’d like to introduce you to the Mages themselves. Here is the Siren!

Siren Ability Card

The Siren has quite a bit going for her. First she’s got the Aquatic subtype, so various spells and effects will interact with her differently. Second she’s trained in the Water school and two subtypes: pirates and songs. This means that she pays base spellpoints for any spell with the pirate or song subtype. Keep in mind anything that is limited to a certain Mage will still be off limits to her, unless she has the proper training. Otherwise, it really opens up her spell selection, and gives us fantastic room for future design as well. These two subtypes also help highlight her character. Siren’s are always sound focused and so the song spells help us to show all thing things she’s able to do with her voice. Also, she often bewitches sailors and leads them to their doom. So, they have a natural attachment to her.

She is not trained in the Mind school. This is because the Mind school encompasses much more than mental manipulation, and many of those effects were inappropriate for her. Also, all of her mind altering effects are traditionally tied to sound and so we wanted to show those aspects through her song training, and her next ability, Siren’s Call.

Siren’s Call is a versatile and potent ability that can force enemies to approach you, while being unable to attack the Siren, or empower your allies to fight harder on her behalf. Keep in mind that this is a psychic ability and so it only works on those with a mind, this includes being able to inspire an ally.

Next she has Fermata. Using Fermata the Siren can keep a song spell going after it’s last dissipate is removed. She can keep a song going for 2 extra rounds by paying mana equal to it’s level each round it should have been destroyed. Keep in mind this only sustains the song if it is destroyed because of the dissipate ability, not if your opponent uses a Dispel on it.

Lastly, the Siren gains Regenerate 1 while in a zone with an aquatic terrain attached. She’s naturally at home in the water and this can help make up for her low life of 30.

But all of this isn’t my only spoiler for today. I now present you with the Paladin!

Paladin Ability Card

The Paladin also has unique spell training. Like the Druid he is limited in his knowledge of various schools. He is trained up to level 3 of Holy and level 2 of War. In addition he’s trained in all Holy creatures. This means that if a creature is Holy school, even partially, that the Paladin will pay only the base spellpoint cost. Now just like the Siren, he will only have access to restricted spells if he meets those requirements as well. And as all Holy Mages, the Paladin pays triple for Dark spells.

Now, the Paladin is quite special. He generates a new resource, Valor, that he uses to power some of his spells as well as his Divine Auras. The Paladin has numerous pieces of equipment that give him new and different ways to generate Valor, but the base ability gives him a Valor when he melee attacks and damages the strongest enemy creature. Strongest is the creature with the highest mana cost, and if there are no other enemy creatures out then the Mage is the strongest.

Divine Auras are awesome permanent benefits the Paladin can spend his Valor on. By spending a quick action and the appropriate Valor the Paladin activates an aura. Much like the Anvil Throne Warlord the Auras were too awesome to fit on the ability card, but here they are!

  • Retribution Aura / Martyr’s Aura
    COST: 3 Valor
    Retribution Aura: When an enemy creature casts an enchantment or incantation targeting a friendly creature in the Paladin’s Zone, that enemy receives 1 direct light damage, regardless of range or LOS.
    Martyr’s Aura: When a friendly creature in the Paladin’s zone receives damage from an enemy controlled attack or effect, you may transfer up to 2 of that damage to the Paladin instead.
  • Resolute Aura / Vengeful Aura
    COST: 6 Valor
    Resolute Aura: Friendly creatures in the Paladin’s zone gain the Tough -2 trait. Other friendly creatures in the Paladin’s zone gain Armor +2.
    Vengeful Aura: Friendly creatures in the Paladin’s zone gain Melee +1, and also gain Piercing +2 on their melee attacks.
  • Cleansing Aura / Solar Aura
    COST: 3 Valor
    Cleansing Aura: As a quick healing spell action, the Paladin may pay 1 Valor: heal target friendly creature in his zone 2 damage, and he may also remove a poison condition marker from them by paying its removal cost.
    Solar Aura: When a friendly creature in the Paladin’s zone makes a light attack, he may pay 1 Valor. If he does, the attack adds +2 to its effect roll. If it deals damage, the defender also receives 1 direct light damage.

Now, I bet you’re wondering why I listed the auras in pairs. This is because there are only three aura markers. When you turn on an aura, you’re locking yourself out of the aura on the flip-side. In this way you get to customize your Paladin to be exactly the holy warrior you want him to be. Keep in mind that if you choose the Resolute Aura, then you will not be able to activate the Vengeful Aura that game. In this way the Paladin can have 3 different auras up at one time. The pairs they’re listed in are the way they’re paired on the markers.

Lastly, as a valiant warrior the Paladin can challenge his opponents to honorable combat. When he challenges a creature then both he and his target can choose to reroll any number of their dice when attacking each other each round. This is much more powerful than a standard reroll as you can choose to keep your good dice before rerolling. If your opponent chooses to ignore your challenge, then you’ll gain 1 Valor. In this way the Paladin can power up his abilities faster if his opponent ignores him.

Now, I’m sure this is a lot to digest. These two Mages are pretty intricate, and we’ve spent a lot of time trying to ensure they’d be something truly incredible. Come back later this week to see some more of the Paladin’s Valor focused cards. Until then let freedom ring and have an amazing day!