Paladin vs Siren: A Holy Arsenal

Posted on: July 8, 2016

After the reveal of the Paladin and Siren’s ability cards earlier this week, players were asking questions about just how the Paladin’s Valor actually works. The key is in his equipment, and today we’re going to show you a couple of them. His equipment really shapes his ablity to play the game his way. What is a holy knight without his sword? Here is the Sword of Radiance!

Sword of Radiance

The standard methods for gaining Valor are to attack the strongest enemy or if your challenged foe attacks someone besides the Paladin. The Sword of Radiance gives us a new way to gain Valor, dealing damage. If you attack with the sword and deal 5 or more damage, you’ll also gain 1 Valor. Any good Paladin will go forth and test his mettle whenever possible, and so the sword rewards him for it. In addition to that, the Paladin may spend a Valor to add +6 to his effect roll. This allows you to “unlock” the burn potential of pure light. Besides that, the Radiant Slash attack is a pretty standard light attack.

But Paladins aren’t just about glorious combat, they’re also clerics in their own right. So if healing the wounds of your creatures is more your speed, then check out Paladin’s Cloak!

Paladin's Cloak

Now, with this cloak equipped, your Mage will heal 1 damage whenever they cast a healing incantation. However that is just the gravy. Whenever your Mage heals 4 or more damage off a friendly non-Mage creatures with a healing incantation that he casts, you’ll gain 1 Valor. It’s important to remember that you have to heal 4 or more off a single creature, and in order to do that they have to have at least 4 damage on them to begin with. However, this effect is not limited to once per round, so if you can set up an incredible Group Heal, then you could net several Valor.

Next week we’ll be showing off some more of the Siren’s cards, so you’ll want to check back here. Enjoy your weekend!


Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer