Paladin vs. Siren: A Call to Arms!

Posted on: July 6, 2016

For Independence Day we showcased the ability cards of the Paladin and Siren. They were unlike any of the Mages we’ve done in the past, and it was requested that we spoil some more of the Paladin’s support. So, today we’ll be spoiling a card that is very close to my heart, a very unique spawnpoint, the Crusade Banner!

Crusade Banner

The Paladin, more than any other Mage I’ve worked on, went through a lot of design work. At several points he only had 8 channeling. And through each iteration there were hosts of cards that were designed or redesigned for him. Crusade Banner was one of the few that was created early and really had little change over the course of the set. We didn’t want to give the Paladin a permanent spawnpoint, after all he already had access to Temple of Asyra. However, we wanted something which supported his playstyle. I’ve always seen the Paladin as the leader of a swat team of medium to small sized creatures, and that was how the Crusade Banner started.

The Crusade Banner is a unique spawnpoint that allows you to summon 2 Holy creatures at once. However, there are two drawbacks. First, you must summon exactly 2 Holy creatures. Second, it destroys itself after use. So why these two drawbacks? The Crusade Banner is a very high risk, high reward play. It only costs 7 mana and yet generates 2 mana a turn. After you take into account that it’s letting you turn one quick action into two full actions, it doesn’t take long for this card to pay for itself. Now this is a high risk play because the banner only has 1 armor and 7 life. It does have some protection against ranged threats, but any melee threats can tear it down quickly. That is the balance, how long do you “charge up” the banner? How long can you keep it safe?

On Friday I’m going to show some of the Paladin’s equipment, so you’ll want to be back for that!


Aaron Brosman
Community Manager / Designer