Organized Play Is Coming Soon!

Posted on: September 12, 2013

Written by  SeanDeCoy


Once you’ve got your copy of Mage Wars fresh in your hands, you might be wondering where you can find some more mages to duke it out with. Wonder no more! Here at Arcane Wonders, we’re constantly working to try and make sure you have the best play experience possible. And with that, we’re introducing the next stage in the Mage Wars experience: our Organized Play system! 

That’s right, every week at your local game store, we’ll be hosting events that will turn mage against mage, school against school – an all out spell casting war of epic proportions! And the best part? You, the player, gets to shape and form the story! Every battle you play as a Priestess, Wizard, Warlock, or Beastmaster will earn you special story points towards your Mage’s cause. This could be anything from the Beastmaster’s trying to save their homeland, to the Warlock’s declaring an all out purge of the Priestesses in Westlock! We’ll setup the events, and you guys determine the outcome. How cool is that?

The only stipulation is that your local retailer has to order and Organized Play Kit, that way we can be sure that you get the special promo cards (you heard it!), story primer, prizes, and more! They can sign up to receive more news about where and when to order by clicking the link above, registering a username on and then informing us that they’ve registered so we can verify them as a retailer.

Pay close attention, because we’ll be unravelling tidbits of the story coming up, as well as previewing some of our ideas for Organized Play in October through our online forum! If you haven’t signed up, be sure to so that you don’t miss out on any of the action.

That’s all for now!

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