October Highlight: Critical Mass

Posted on: September 13, 2018

October is almost upon us! We have been busy behind-the-scenes over here at Arcane Wonders, and it is time to show off the fruits of our labor. This October, Arcane Wonders has four new games coming out to local game stores near you!

We have a ton of things to talk about, so we’re going to be highlighting one new release each week remaining this September. Today we’re going to be talking about our first launch of October: Critical Mass!


Critical Mass is a game of hard-core, heavy-hitting Mech-on-Mech combat. As the pilot of a massive war machine, you must head out into the irradiated wastes and face-down the unworthy upstarts who dare to challenge your dominion. After all, the honor of your survivor enclave is riding with you!

Coming out on October 3rd to local game stores near you, or available for PRE-ORDER NOW via the Arcane Wonders web shop (pre-orders will be accepted until the end of business day September 21st!), Critical Mass has two box sets simultaneously launching:

  • Critical Mass: Patriot vs Iron Curtain, and
  • Critical Mass: Raijin vs Archon!

First previewed at the Origins Game Fair (check out this video from the show floor with Rob Oren: CLICK HERE), we’ve received great response by our retail partners and fans alike for this upcoming Dice Tower Essentials game, and are confident this fast-paced Mech combat game will be an essential of your game collection!

We aren’t going to go into detail about game-play in this highlight, but if you want to dig into Critical Mass more, you can find a 3 Minute How-to-Play video by The Rules Girl, reviews, a full-game playthrough, the rulebook, and more information at: The Critical Mass Game Page.

Reserve your copy of Critical Mass for retail launch October 3rd at a local game store near you, or PRE-ORDER NOW by September 21st!