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Organized Play Is Coming Soon!

September 12, 2013

Written by  SeanDeCoy Once you’ve got your copy of Mage Wars fresh in your hands, you might be wondering where you can find some more mages to duke it out with.[continue reading]

D v N Preview: Spitting Raptor

September 9, 2013

Written by  Aaron Brosman Last week we started to see the awesome forces of rot and decay, but what does nature have to combat the dark forces rising? Of the[continue reading]

D v N Preview: Ziggurat of Undeath

September 6, 2013

Written by  Aaron Brosman You’ve seen the might of the Necomancer’s Zombie Minions, but now we get to delve deeper. Today, you see how each of these zombies can become a[continue reading]

Druid vs Necromancer Preview: Zombie Minion

September 3, 2013

Written by  Aaron Brosman In Druid vs. Necromancer there are many new keywords that characterize the forces of nature and the forces of undeath. Few of these are more potent[continue reading]

Druid vs Necromancer Preview: Acid Ball

Written by  Aaron Brosman And so the previews begin!  The Druid vs. Necromancer is rapidly approaching, but what does this mean in the cutthroat world of the arena? New spells,[continue reading]

The Art of Mage Wars, Lesson 1

July 18, 2013

Chapter 1, Lesson 1: We all play a lot of games, and we may even win a lot of games, but why? Coming from a gamer’s standpoint, often I will[continue reading]

Conquest of Kumanjaro Spell Tome Expansion

May 12, 2013

Written by  Patrick C. Connor Jr. “Far to the South, across the Veridian Sea, lies Kumanjaro, a sprawling continent of wide savannahs, dense jungles, and untold riches. It has remained untouched[continue reading]

Prologue: Purifying the Deceiver

April 30, 2013

The Warlocks were to blame for the riots in Westlock. She should have known. Such blasphemers. Even now they hide in a church. They are as craven as the demons[continue reading]

Chapter Four: Temples Burning

April 29, 2013

“Your city will lie in ruins!” cried Mikal. His wolves had torn into the mob and dispersed them. Many ran back to their homes. Some went to find mores allies[continue reading]

Chapter Three: A Warlock in Disguise

Fools and fanatics, thought Laddinfance, and watched as the mob burned down an Asyran Library. The crowd jumped and danced by the flames, tossing in torches, rocks, whatever they could[continue reading]

Chapter Two: To Save a Priestess

“You killed him!” cried the crowd. From a nearby alley, Beastmaster Mikal McKay watched the riot unfold. “Please, brothers,” yelled a Priestess over the rabble, “Please, return to your homes.[continue reading]

Chapter One: Death of a High Priest

The enchanted wings carried the assassin atop the tower to the High Priest’s chambers. He climbed in through the stone window and saw the High Priest Fathion, leader of the[continue reading]